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NOTE:  This is the OLD Winds of Time original homepage created under Google pages etc.  Decided to go with a wordpress blog and just copied the old pages here –  really there is nothing here that won’t either be found on the new blog or that is just older stuff.  Mostly this is to archive the old pages.  Nothing more.

Welcome to the Winds of Time home page.  The Winds of Time is not a boat, it’s a state of mind.  This is our “static web page” – not a blog.  This is a kind of documentation of what we’ve chosen to do – to chose a voyage.  We are selling up and sailing out.  The reason for the page is mostly for myself, my wife and our kids to keep track of what we’re doing and going through to “get there”.

Our chosen Voyage is to retire from the “Normal Life” soon, leave behind the rat race, our home in Colorado and join a wandering group of people known loosely as “Cruisers”.  Our current goals are to finish paying some bills, do some fixing up of the homestead and eventually sell it.  In roughly eighteen months, if all goes well from this date, we will have our home up on the market (if indeed, there is a market then).  Once we sell our home we will be ready to go at any day.

The next goal beyond that is to find a seaworthy boat, one that will carry us where we will – starting with whatever home port we find ourselves, likely on the East Coast or Florida, then on to the Caribbean.

We will keep a “real blog” and it is online now.  That is the place we will update things about once per week, or more often as we have less and less to accomplish getting to our final goal (getting on our boat and leaving).  These pages will be a more permanent record of things and sometimes things will be repeated here you might find in the blog and vice versa.

We hope you will wish us luck and if you’re interested, follow our travels on the blog later.

updated: 3 Apr 2013

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