Links for Sailing

This page is a live page that will be modified from time to time with links to cruising guides and other information;  either books or web sites that offer assistance.

I have no connection to any of these sites and do not necessarily endorse any one of another.  The reason for the links is for ME to be able to re-locate information I’ve been using or searching for.  🙂

The links are in no particular order and are not separated by locations (such as ICW, Virgin Islands or wherever).  Instead I have notes to tell me what they were when I looked at them the first time.


Links for Cruising Guides (Live/active web site with clickable dots for marina information) (Water Way guides) (Skipper Bob’s books for the ICW and Gulf Coast) (ICW blog/Website) (Multiple cruising guides)  (Amazon Link for a book) (Landfall books links)  (Free, Online, Virgin Islands guides) (Free download, fill in a form and get a free copy of the 2015 eBook for the Northwest, including Canada and Washington State) (Free cruising guide: is intended for sharing tidbits of useful information such as where to catch the bus, what to see and how to get there, where to eat or find the best supermarkets, personal experiences such as excursions to historic sites and attractions, pubs, clubs, beaches and all the other information that is normally not included in pilot books or other great sites like ) (Sound advice… and sounding advice as well :))  (These folks are seeking cruisers to assist on the web page with updates and new content!) (Site with a LOT of links.  I have not checked the all yet.)


Rigging Links:


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