The Log Book

The Log Book

Edit: January4th, 2016 13:30 – Never used this, left it for future reference.

Our Little Boat

posted Feb 17, 2010, 11:50 AM by Rick Donaldson

Our current boat is called “The Winds of Change”.  She was named thusly because of a Jimmy Buffet song, “Growing Older, but not up”.  We chose three names for our boats.

Winds of Change
Winds of Time
Winds of Fate

Each has a meaning.  Winds of Change because we made the decision to change our lives, not because either of us are Obama Fans. In fact, I’m far from being an Obama fan.  I hope he is booted right out of office next election. In fact, I predict change is a comin’.  But anyway…

Winds of Time is the second name – and will most likely be what we name our new, old boat when we find her.  The Buffett song has a phrase which struck me as my own, personal motto, “I’d rather die while I’m living then live while I’m dead”.  And so we liked that name.  The first boat we bought was merely a trainer, a 25′ Macgregor Venture, that has needed a lot of work, a new rudder, some wiring and old, rotted overhead removed and things cleaned up.  I didn’t want to waste this name on that boat.  She was there for Change and Change is what we’ve done.  She has served her purposed admirably.  When we sell her, or give her away we will have used the boat for exactly what we wanted, no more, no less.  The next boat, unless the name is already “cool” will be changed to “Winds of Time”.

Winds of Fate is reserved for a special boat, a special time and a special occasion.  If that boat shows up, we will know it.  It will be the “Lotto Boat” if we were ever to win the lotto (highly unlikely) or come into a major inheritance (Extremely unlikely, even less than winning a lottery!) or, if we finally, somewhere down the line continue to sail into our old age (which we might) and must finally trade down again to a smaller boat just to be able to tack on a small lake somewhere, then that boat will hold the last name.  Our final ship.

So, you see, people chose names for odd reasons – but our little boat has a name commensurate with her purpose.

Perhaps it is somehow frowned upon, or even unlucky to discuss such things.  Fortunately I’m neither concerned or am I in any way superstitious. In fact, while there could be something to superstitions, I believe that giving into them is, in fact a dangerous thing indeed and you should never, ever, ever allow yourself to be overcome by the supernatural.

The here and NOW is more important.

Now… where did I put my lucky Margaritaville hat?

Log Entry 2

posted Feb 7, 2010, 2:28 PM by Rick Donaldson

Site is fully online now.  I have the domain I wanted, purchased this morning and everything is pointing properly now.  Count down timers are up, one for BVI and one for the number of days until our “officially scheduled retirement date”.  That date of course is dependent upon several things including the ability to sell our home at some point in the future.  I’m not too sure I have the pages laid out correctly, or neatly, but, I guess that’s ok.

Comments are welcomed and the comment function SHOULD be turned on now.  We’ll see.

Log Entry 1

posted Feb 7, 2010, 11:28 AM by Rick Donaldson   [ updated Feb 7, 2010, 11:39 AM ]


This is a log entry template and I’ll use this to track things later on for the boat when we actually GET the boat – or while in the process of buying. For now, this will likely include data about where we currently are located, how we got there, or something about our most recent travel.

I expect to use this for our trip to BVI in a couple of months.  With luck, I’ll be able to post some log entries, as well as some story or something, including latitude, longitude, weather, sea conditions, and various other things that might be nice to remember for later.


Date/Time Lat Long Course Speed Sea
7 Feb 10 38 52 104 44 0 0 0


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