The following is how to contact us.  We will eventually post a skype address in here as well.  Read this CAREFULLY if you need to email us once we head out of Colorado.  Note we will still maintain our cell phone numbers.  Our snail-mail address will be listed here eventually as well. Simply replace the (AT) with the @ sign and enter that into your email program.

Radio Licensing:

Rick:  N0NJY, Amateur Extra Class License & RRO

JoAnne: Kb0IRW, Technician Class & RRO

Ship’s Callsign: WDH8090

Email Addresses:

You can reach us via email at:

Adventure.Rick.JoAnne (AT)

Adventure.rick.joanne (at) is our main address.  We both check it and you’re assured to get a message back from one or both of us if you want to reach us by using this address.  It is the address that appears on our Boat Cards.  We give boat cards out to folks we meet who are cruisers, to friends to remind them to write us, and to people we meet expressing an interest in our way of life and our travels.

n0njy (at) is our over-the-air address. Please write me at my personal email address (listed below) and request to be added to the white list if you wish to write us there. Family members will be added.  Friends will be added.  Random people won’t be added. (Note: N0NJY is my ham call sign and that 0 is the numeral ZERO.)  Furthermore, that address can not be used for business communications, no spam, no ummm “language” that can’t be broadcast over the radio and such.  That link goes via RADIO systems and is subject to FCC Part 95 regulations.  Otherwise, you’re welcome to write to me there (as long, again, as you’re white listed in the system).

Rick and JoAnne’s personal email addresses:

rick.n0njy (AT)
JoAnneDonaldson1958 (AT)

r.daledonaldson (AT) if you have specific questions, comments, remarks, constructive criticism or death threats about my books.  (Please note that I take death threats seriously and I still shoot quite accurately :))

The gmail addresses are new, and these are our personal and boat addresses.  They will be checked as often as possible.  When we are making passages, we will use HF radio (Amateur) to send email out on occasion.  We will check it as often as practical for emergency messages.

We have not and do not plan on getting involved in regular radio nets except for weather, but it is possible to find a local ham radio operator and get a message to us, if you have an approximate region, because hams are just magic that way 🙂 so that’s one other way to get a message to us, albeit, not very timely.

Questions about the blog or web page send to the gmail address.

Ham radio questions to rick.n0njy (at)

Send personal questions to JoAnne or me to our gmail addresses.

We’re both on Facebook and I’m setting up a Facebook “fan page” for “Adventure” soon.

This Blog:

This blog address is (currently) and will likely remain as our permanent blog page.  You can find this page from going to the main link and clicking on the “Contact” link at the top of the page.

The alternate blog address is: (and will also be redirected to the above, assuming I remember to pay the bills).


We do not give out our phone numbers publicly. (We DO have a Skype address, BUT it’s not active at the moment and we aren’t using it yet, but will and it will be posted here when we begin using it).

rick.joanne.donaldson is our skype address.  However, it is best to email us first, give us a date/time/reason for Skype so we can be in a position to do it.  We have to have the computer or tablet set up and be in a place with decent Internet access.

This page was updated Sunday, 3 January 2016 at 16:05.

4 thoughts on “Contact

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  2. Rick,
    It was nice to meet you last night. Page and myself had a good time listening to your story. Good luck on your future endeavors.

    Alan & Page McWhirter

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