Basic Survival and Communications Skills in the Aftermath [Kindle Edition]

Book Description

November 30, 2014
Nuclear war looms, an errant asteroid is headed for Earth, Yellowstone is showing signs of an impending explosion.  There will be survivors.  Are you going to be one of them?  If so, how are you going to survive and contact your friends and loved ones?Even though the world has no set time of destruction and that day might never come, or perhaps next Thursday while you’re on your way home from work could be the very day the killing blow comes.  Will you be prepared?Join the author in an imaginative exploration of several scenarios of “What Might Happen” and practical ideas on mitigation of the “Aftermath”. Survival isn’t always about stocking food and water in a mountain hideaway, collecting the best knives, guns and most ammo.  Discover the important information you’ve been missing!  This book was written specifically for the Kindle devices in mind.
Some Reviewer Comments:
“Whether you’re a novice prepper who is just getting started down the road to self sufficiency, an advanced prepper who has months of food but has perhaps overlooked survival communications or only has a rudimentary knowledge of it, or an advanced prepper who has all the bases covered to include what they believe to be adequate survival communications, you are quite likely to glean important knowledge from this publication.”  Ryan Ruck
“Very practical information about communications, preparation and survival in an emergency or major catastrophic event all told with humor and down to earth descriptions. Donaldson really knows his stuff!”   Christopher Ricciardiello

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