Welcome to the page.

Our website is located at http://www.windsoftime.us

We’re setting this blog up on Google + so we can connect with friends and they can find us later when we retire.  I’m a lot torqued off at Facebook which we’d originally hoped to use (and still might continue using on a  limited basis) because of one major change after another.  The most recent change was an addition of a “username@facebook.com” email address which is to me, nothing short of a Man-in-the-Middle attack using email addresses.  Facebook and Zuckerdufus, get your act together or you’re going to lose that “market share” you’ve been trying to get and your FB stock is going to go from bad to worse!

A little about us.

Four years ago this August we decided to make plans to retire early.  The short story is (more at the other site) we decided to become cruisers, in a sailboat and go away to distant lands and islands.

Over the past four years the plan has advanced, we’ve eliminated our debt (save the home), we bought a small training sailboat (25′ Macgregor Venture, which is up for sale if anyone is interested!) and took courses on sailing and other related things.  I’ve been going to “Cruiser College” – a self study course I created for myself to learn as much as I could about everything I’ll need to know…. this includes sailing, navigation, rigging a sailboat, diesel engine repair, sailmaking and repair, anchoring, weather, heavy weather, fishing, and many other subjects.

I can say we’re closer to going, but I’m far from an expert on any of the above mentioned items.  I can do them all to some degree and it’s going to take experience to get more proficient.

On the other site we have a countdown timer for 5 August 2012 as our retirement date.  However, the house isn’t on the market and we don’t expect to hit that date for sure.  We still have a year left on the Five Year Plan though.  Three weeks ago we had a major hail storm and we’re getting a new roof, gutters, and paint job.  Then we’re moving out of the house to finish the inside and then get the house on the market.

Colorado Springs is having fires just west of the city right now and things are somewhat on hold for the moment… however, with luck in a few days we can start again and get things back on track.

I’ll update this more later.

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