Rebuilding a house from the inside out is, I suppose not unlike rebuilding a boat from the keel up.  Either way you start with what’s left of the hulk and replace every plank and joint until you’re left with a brand new vessel (or house) withe sameq name (or address).

Over the past few weeks nearly everything in the house has been removed, replaced or rebuilt.  I’m about to start hanging new doors tomorrow evening after work.

JoAnne, Kristy and Carlos painted most of the rooms while I prepped, painted ceilings, sanded patches in drywall, removed electrical covers and carpets.  New hardwood flooring is installed, newer appliances in the kitchen, plumbing for the rebuilt basement bathroom, new tile in the rec room and JoAnne’s now former office has become a fifth bedroom. The outside was painted in the fall and a new roof went up in September.  As of 1 March new windows have been installed as well.

We are gambling on a fast sell soon… and with a little luck will be on the market in May.

The Trade winds are calling!

As soon as we sell we’ll pick our retirement date and give notice at our jobs.

Caribbean, here we come!

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