House for Sale

Friday the sign went up in the yard.  The house is for sale.

Saturday and Sunday we held a “garage sale”.  I’ll never do that again.  I’ll give things away or throw them out before I will deal with the weird people that came by to buy things.  I guess, as there is a cruiser culture and a further sub-culture within, or a racing culture for cars and one for bikes, there is a “Garage Sale” culture.  There are the lookers, the pickers, the pokers, and the takers.

We had them all.  I should have had Jimmy Buffett’s “Fruitcakes” playing in the background all day.

We had a few people who honestly looked through things and then tried to underbid one another (yes, I said UNDERBID).  Weird.  We had a few neighbors who offered the cost of the item we asked (like a nice desk chair for 8 bucks) and we had some who moved everything on the tables around, back and forth, put them on other tables and dropped things on the ground.

Then we had the thieves. You would never believe that you have items sitting out that are worth a couple of bucks with a .50 cent price tag get stolen, right?  Or a nice, nearly new fan at $5.00 get walked off without us really understanding until later what happened.

Never again.

I did sell ALL my power tools that I’m not taking with me, that was a good thing. Got a decent price too.

All in all though, we’re done.  This morning I rented a small storage area to put our boat stuff in (a bunch of tubs going with us) so we don’t have to take that to my daughter’s home.  With luck we will only need it three months or less.  (Average on sale time is about 65 days or so, some homes going in a day or two, others months….).

The flyers should be in the box in the next day or two.  We should be moved out in about the same time.

Gate is done, guard rails back in place, new fencing, deck has been refinished, and the basement mostly empty.  Upstairs is mostly empty too.

I’m beat, JoAnne is exhausted.  We still have to move out our bedroom stuff to the daughter’s place and give a few more things to the kids and donation.

I’m ready to stop working on this stuff and get going.

I hope we sell the house soon.

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