“Somethin’ ’bout a boat”

Jimmy Buffett has an album, “Songs from St. Elsewhere”. I want to visit that place.  Soon.

Today we’re putting an offer in on a 41′ Formosa.  I’ve managed to get most of a survey accomplished before we made the offer.  We’ll do a full survey if the sell accepts our offer.

Somewhere around Monday we should know if he accepted.  If he did, then I’ll have the surveyor go in next week and finish what he started and get me a report.  I’m planning to fly out to see the vessel in person.  We’ve been doing this all over email so far, and it’s a bit disconcerting.  I’m the sort of person that likes to stand in the store and handle the items I plan to buy before I slap down cash for it.

In this case, I’m in Colorado, the boat is on the East Coast.  I’ll only have a limited amount of time (2 weeks) to arrange a flight, get there, find and look at the boat and decide if we screwed up or not.  I’ll try to meet with the surveyor in person, but he can get in, do his job and present me with the report.  I just want to touch the boat and say “I’ve seen it, it’s sufficient in my estimation”.

If the offer goes through, I’ll post information about the boat and pictures.  Otherwise… we start over.

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