Closing on a boat

Greetings friends.

We close on our selected boat on Monday.  There were some glitches with the banks, moving money around and various questions about this and that.

At this point it appears though, everything is in place, all parties are satisfied on the transfer, the paperwork for USCG documentation is in the works, we’ll be registering the vessel in Delaware and sometime this spring or early summer if all the other things work themselves out, we’ll travel to the location where the boat is living and move it south for the Summer and eventually, next winter we will be heading for the Bahamas and Caribbean.

From where the boat lives now, we will likely do a lot of ICW travel, mostly, it appears under engine power.  Not precisely what I wanted to do right off with a sailboat, but, you know what?  As Emerson said, it’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

A journey entails learning, travel, examination of the things around one’s self.  A journey through life ought to be enjoyed with stopping to smell the roses (I don’t remember who said that).  OK, enough cliches for now.

The point is, the boat is 41′ long, has two masts and is a beauty.  She needs some work inside.  I need to change some hose clamps, work on some woodwork outside, and JoAnne thinks a case of Brasso might be helpful on the portal hatches.  I’m not as sure about that part (especially if it requires me to be polishing the brass, I had my share of that in the military… but I am certain I can find a swabby somewhere that will be working on if that’s what she wants!)

The running rigging needs replacement, the sails are “useful” but I wouldn’t cross an ocean with them.  Sailing offshore a ways will be fine for short stints, but not a long trip.  The sails will require replacement eventually.  The standing rigging is ok, but I still need a rigger to climb up (I’m afraid of heights, so I won’t be doing it just yet) and check the mast heads.  From what I could see with zoomed in cameras and binocs though, the head SHOULD be good to go.

The bilge is a mess, but nothing a light pressure wash won’t handle, and there’s a broken float switch that requires replacing.

The name is changing (and yes, to all of you who know better, we’ll have a ceremony. No need to tempt dangerous and jealous ocean and wind gods and all that) as well as the hailing port.

When the paper work is complete, and all is said and done, money exchanges hands and everyone is happy, I will post pictures of the vessel.

In the mean time, I could use a few book purchases /grin, you know, to help offset the costs (Honestly, I don’t make much off a book.  Less than 2 bucks.  So, seriously, check it out)

Speaking of books, I will be launching an author web site as well because I’m working on a SF series which I hope to have published sometime this year, depending on a lot of factors.  (Wish me luck there).

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