Didnt get out

Last night we were on anchor, they had kicked us off the mooring ball. I don’t sleep well when not absolutely certain of our status and I wasn’t 100% sure of the anchoring last night because we got a very strong wind through here, a thunderstorm and we were rolling and pitching pretty badly.

Boats were anchored all around and while I was pretty sure my own anchor was holding, I wasn’t sure about some others. Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted this morning, and so was JoAnne.

But we left anyway. In the beginning we did well, but the winds picked back up and were blowing us onto a shore. I could NOT get the boat to come away, because we weren’t making much headway in the wind. Finally, I did the prudent thing, turned the boat around and went back to the anchorage.

We’re set securely tonight.

Our next window is Monday morning.

We’ll try then,

One thought on “Didnt get out

  1. Sounds like the wise thing to do expecially since neither one of you slept well. Enjoy your stay where you are now and Monday will come fast.

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