Mechanical Issues

Somewhere along the way I never learned anything about engines.  Well, that’s not really true, I can tell you all kinds of things about how engines work, how they function, what this or that part is and I’ve even repaired my fair share of mechanical issues.

There’s something about a diesel motor though that just is daunting to me.  In the past three hours I have learned a lot.

I learned they are simple.  I learned they don’t break easily, but if they do it’s usually something simple.  I learned that an over heating engine can be due to any number of things, but in general it’s something obvious (assuming you’re a mechanic and used to looking for obvious things that someone not practiced in diesel engines wouldn’t see anyway).

Basically, we over heated because several hoses on this machine were hastily put in, are too short, are kinked here and there, are worn because they are bouncing badly off other items, and there’s no brackets, clamps or other things to keep this chaffing from occurring.

Essentially, everything the mechanic Mike has told me I could have found, IF I knew where to look and what I was looking for.  Since I didn’t, I needed a mechanic.  He’s going to fix all the weird issues, change the oil and we ought to be underway by sometime tomorrow, assuming I don’t decide to spend one more good night to sleep since I’m exhausted for some reason.

Anyway, I’m headed back to help him some more.   He’s back with hoses, clamps and parts.

2 thoughts on “Mechanical Issues

    • Yeah, me too. I actually considered a “go simple, go now” style, without an engine, but JoAnne and I use electricity like any good, civilize, modern day explorer would do – meaning we REQUIRE internet service to work, and it needs to be there when we want it, not have to go to Hell and Hunt for it. We like to be able to get books, read, and use our kindles, tablets (we each have kindles and tablets) and I have two laptops aboard. One is for the boat and is Windows based, the other is my writing computer, and Linux based.

      I have a 400 watt solar panel sitting here, but really no place to mount it yet, and it’s not connected. So I have to have the engine work. I also need to have the generator I purchased so if we’re stuck in an anchorage for a few days, I don’t have to run the engine.

      The less I run the engine the more I can keep it for getting through the ICW.

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