Left this morning at about 9:15.  No problem getting out of the harbor, except for the massive number of crab pots everywhere.  JoAnne was complaining at first then said something about “I shouldn’t complain, I really like crab!” lol

We tried to raise sails after we were out of the harbor but there was almost no wind, and what we did have was on our nose.  It was more efficient to motor (again).

About an hour or so in I checked the charging system.  It wasn’t.  Charging that is.

The damned alternator quit AGAIN.

We motored all the way down, for about 9 hours without worrying about it.

I hoped I wasn’t cooking the batteries, but they are holding up very well. I ran the generator when I arrived, after getting the anchor light up (another thing to be repaired).  As I was putting up the anchor light, JoAnne started screaming for me below. Sounded bad.  As I fell down the ladder into the companionway (I never make a quiet entrance it seems) she was screaming something about a leak.

And it was.  She’d turned on the water pump and water was spraying everywhere under the sink.  Fortunately, it was an easy fix.  For the faucet, not my back.  I had to reconnect the copper pipe to the sink (yep, copper pipes in this baby).  Anyone ever mention copper isn’t good in some things?  Boats for instance?  Anyway, 20 minutes later she could cook dinner, I could complete my clean up on the deck and finally sit for a few minutes.

We aren’t leaving first thing in the morning.

I have to replace the alternator.


The trip down was great until the last couple hours when the wind was doing 15 knots off my nose, I was down to 3 knots, so I started tacking (I had the mizzen out partially so I used it alone).  By the time I could actually USE the sails we were under the gun to get here before dark.

We barely made it onto anchor before it was so dark I couldn’t see.

A young man named Dan rowed over on his paddle board to ask me anchoring questions.

When we came in I circled the area once, slowed, asked him how the holding was and stopped the boat, kicked the anchor lock out and loosened the clutch and set the anchor in about 3 easy steps (I’m getting pretty good at it, along with ensuring it’s NOT going to drag me anywhere at night).

Dan apparently had trouble with his catamaran last night.  They drove to the boat show in a rental today and came back and found their boat a mere 10-15 feet from the pilings.  Bad.

They moved it back and dropped anchor again, but were unsure what was happening.  Apparently not enough rode after he said they had about 20 feet out.  So I explained to drop anchor, let it hit, add a couple of feet, maybe 5-10 MAX, back the boat down on the anchor to set it, then let out the rest of the rode.  I also told him 5:1 here would be fine, unless it gets really windy, then let out more.  Except I’m near so not so much he swings into me.

This is a really small place and there are a lot of boats, and three rivers converge here.  Cool place.

Tomorrow I’ll replace the alternator.  My back hurts tonight, and I’m tired.

One thought on “Solomons

  1. Solomons is a great place. We had our Bristol there at PAX NAS for over a month on our east coast cruise. But my son lives there so got to take the family sailing a few times, Enjoy.

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