Intracoastal Waterway – or bust

JoAnne and I had a rough few days. Yesterday, after the delivery skipper wrote us back and told us he’d have to beg off, because he had family commitments we discussed our situation.

She is cold a lot. She gets cold in the summer time.

She got seasick in the pounding surf, but loves roller coasters (I do not).

I got worried, but mostly for her. I knew the boat could handle what was happening.

I wasn’t scared, I didn’t have time to be frightened.

After a long discussion we both came to the conclusion that we bought this boat, we are going to get it to Florida and beyond, we’re going to live aboard and we need to learn to handle it… which we’re doing pretty well actually. Seasickness is a terrible, but fleeting thing. Fear, except for spiders, is also only going to last a moment or two.

We contacted the “backup skipper’ who wrote me yesterday after the first one said no, and told her “We’re doing this on our own. We might have been over our heads at first, but we think we have this now”.

We decided that the ICW is the right way to go, until we get past Hatteras, and perhaps Frying Pan Shoals. Maybe.

So, once we get the engine, fuel and rigging repaired, we’re heading out of here. We’re shooting for Jacksonville. And doctors for JoAnne. After that, Marathon Key is calling to us.

We have several reasons to visit there, but it is a jumping off point to Tampa, Puerto Rico. the Virgin Islands and the Gulf of Mexico. Bahamas, not so much… but oh well. There are also “jobs” there, so I hear. And we’ve been offered a kind of “floating boat broker” job of sorts already. And I have my electronics skills (and people have asked me already several times if I would look at this or that, so far, I’ve turned them down because I’m not ABCY certified yet…. I’m considering that though).

Not that either of us want jobs. It’s something to consider though.

Anyway, we’re shooting for 1-10 November to be out of here. Today is “Back to the Future” day, 21 October 2015, and I love science fiction. That means the future is not yet written, and we make our own.

I plan, along with JoAnne, to make our own future come true, where ever and whenever it happens to be.

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