The other Side of the Rainbow

Somewhere there is a rainbow waiting for us to see.  We’ve been stuck in this marina now for over a month.  Tomorrow will be one month since the accident and we’re JUST getting our rigging repaired.

At this point, I’m absolutely certain the marina has been dragging their feet to get us out of here.  Suddenly they are trying to push us out before Thursday.  It’s Thanksgiving on Thursday.

We’re sitting here being a cash cow to them.  We’re going to be out over $10,000 dollars to the marina and to contractors for the damages suffered to our boat because a man thought better of himself and his shitty driving than to let marina people assist him to prevent an accident.

Then, he hit us, destroyed the front of the boat, exclaimed “I don’t see any damage” and left (according to witnesses).

There were roughly 12 witnesses.

I have copies of his insurance paperwork proving he was covered at the time.

Insurance adjustor is jerking us around telling us to “proceed as if we’re not going to pay out”.  I told him that wasn’t possible as I have liability only and my company isn’t going to pay on the damages. That the marina won’t let us leave until we pay the bill… so we’re stuck here.

I’m done playing games with insurance people.

And there WILL be a pot of gold on the other end of that rainbow.

I guarantee it.

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