We’ve been staying with my daughter, Kristy and her husband Carlos.  They bought a new home recently and it’s beautiful, and we have a room in the basement.  Well, we got the first huge snow storm that JoAnne and I have seen since last year.  About 18″ fell where we were.

When I dug out the car today, there was a lot of snow piled around and I had a difficult time getting out.  Ended up driving down the block to come back to the drive way to park so JoAnne could get into the car and not hiked through 2 feet of snow!

We had to go downtown to deposit a check.

Since there was a court hearing today in Virginia about our boat damages from October I won’t go into too many details just yet.  But, the owner of the boat that hit us is trying to settle out of court.  Technicially, its not him I wanted to drag in to the court system.  I understand that accidents happen.  It was his insurance company,  which, on the day of the accident was Seaworthy.  Apparently they were being bought by Geico that week….

The claims we and the marina made have been denied…. without just cause.

At this point, the guy that hit us is trying to make things  right.

Geico is not.

We will await the clearing of the check and move on.

I can only hope that Geico gets theirs in the end.

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