Spent the day today getting laundry done and I removed almost everything from the forward compartment… because that’s what you do on a boat.  Move things around to see how much space you don’t have and try to play Tetris to put it all back again, better and with more space left over.

I found that if I removed some things from the boat, I had space left over.  When I promptly refilled with other things I brought on the boat.

In the end, I removed the wood pellets and some coal (for the Chummy Stove) and placed that stuff in our car trunk for now.  Not sure we’re going to keep it.  Not sure we’re going to keep the chummy stove for that matter.  It was a royal pain in the behind to use.  We had trouble getting it to light well, keeping it running and coal has to get so hot before it really ignites that it wasn’t working for us.

The space I emptied is now filled again with other stuff.  So, I honestly didn’t do more than exercise all my futility muscles today.  And get laundry done.  Oh, and clean the floor up.

Tomorrow I have it in my mind to clear the engine room off, clean out some gunk down there, and prep the engine to start later in the day.  But JoAnne is going to get some ice cream tomorrow for Mother’s Day, first.

Floor looks ok in the forward cabin now.  Have to work on the main salon now.  I need varnish to repair some scratches and cove the wood after sanding.  Might get the varnish but won’t start that work until this summer some time.

Spoke to Nicola from s/v Averi on Facebook today.  They are headed back here to this marina, but were delayed due to a low pressure system hanging off Hatteras  They said they are coming up ICW, but might not stop here at all now and head on up north a bit further.

Added some friends to our online boat card – well, requested to be added anyway.  Morsan friended up (Barb and Tom).  Waiting to see if anyone else does.

Ok, tired. See you soon.


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