Rain again…

I am glad I didn’t remove some port hole rings yesterday evening. It’s been raining since about 4AM.

Of course, it’s damp, chilly, yucky outside.  Taking a glance at the radar this morning shows a heavy line of showers moving East from Interstate 23 to my west, over me.  Appears like they are developing right there and pushing directly at our location.  Means it will probably drizzle all day.  No deck work today.  But I think I can do some stuff down below in the engine.  Or try anyway.

Took a picture of a pretty wooden boat being splashed this morning.  She has been being worked on this week, paint, polish etc.  I wish I had the time, money and energy level to do all that.  It’s all I can manage to sweep right now, lol  The weather is gross and depressing.  On the other hand, unless the boat is sitting up on the hard, that sort of thing isn’t getting done anyway.  Sitting on the hard would difficult on JoAnne, she’d have to climb a ladder or stairs to get on the boat and it’s high up in the air.  So, not gonna….

Guess I better get up and do something.  I am just enjoying my coffee this morning. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rain again…

  1. Do what you can, when you can. Prioritize from “This could sink the boat” to “this will embarrass me if I have guests” and take it one project at a time. I’ll trade ya- my boats projects for yours lol!! Enjoy the fact that you are on the water doing what you said you would! We will see ya out there somewhere soon.

    Ray B

    • Somehow, I don’t think I’m embarrassed by anything on the boat these days. If it’s a wreak inside, its because we live in it and it’s tight. If it’s a little dirty here and there, particularly outside, it’ll rain. If there are marks on the hull, that’s a project I’ll have to adjust time to do – and I have some on the hull I need to get off it. If there’s something that will cause us danger, I work on them immediately if I find them. Sometimes, I stop what I am doing to do something.

      I just finished checking the batteries. They were very low on electrolyte. Not dangerously low, but if I had not checked them today, it could have been a real issue. I took care of that, and they seem to be charging ok. I’ll wait and see.

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