Anything can happen….

I called Enterprise Rental  a few days ago to talk to them about renting a car up in the Potomac river area, near the marina we’re going to.  When I spoke to them, we had hoped to drive up Saturday and get the car, be back here Saturday evening and leave Monday morning.  The guy I spoke to told me no problem, and he could even pick us up at the marina so we didn’t have to drive there to drop the car and head out.

Yesterday afternoon, after we finished shopping in the commissary over at Ft. Story, I called to arrange for Saturday.  Turns out their office is closed on the weekend there.

Same guy who said it would be fine said he assumed I was picking up Friday, even though I explained it the first time.  Guess he didn’t listen.
So, plans are moved now.  Sunday we’re having a pot luck with the other cruisers here.  Monday, early, probably around 7 AM we’ll drive up to the marina, call Enterprise to come get us once there and make sure they know we’re leaving our car at the marina, and then we’ll come back.

We will finish any last second shopping and head out on Tuesday if the winds and weather permits.

Edit.  Forgot something.  I started clearing the deck today of dirt, debris and cleaning up and prepping things, like our water tanks.  I need to fill the two diesel jerry cans and my gas cans as well.  But while I started on that, I wound up working on the wood on the deck.  The boat’s many dozen yards of teak called out to me, saying “Clean me, please?”

I couldn’t resist.  I did the whole top area of the boat I could reach.  The port side I’ve never cleaned so I ended up using soap, water and some bleach in the water to clean up the mold.  The dirt was coming off, but the black was staying.  Soon as I used a little bleach, the black went away.

I’ll probably sand the boat a bit at some point and oil it or whatever.  I don’t think we’re going to be varnishing now.  It’s a pain in the butt, it doesn’t stay on, there’s no way to keep it looking nice without a massive amount of work.  So…. we’ll punt. lol

It looks immensely better now though.  So, that was my project for the day.

Tomorrow, Pot Luck with the Cruisers here, and Monday, car moving…..


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