Medical Check Up time

A few days ago JoAnne and I left behind our boat, and headed for Colorado, on our way for blood work and Oncology checkups.

Across the country, we stopped in Kentucky to visit some of my relatives on my Mom’s side of the Family.  The Martins.  We ran into a lot of cousin, uncles and aunts, saw my Granny’s old house, which is still standing in the midst of chaos in the countryside.  I don’t expect the house to be there much longer as there’s a big fight over it between the family and some local doctor buying up all the land to develop it.

Long ago, that was a few acres of land that belonged to my Granny and Grandpa but it’s almost all gone now, as is the “quaintness” of the Appalachian upbringing I experienced as a child for a few years.  I used to wander in the woods down there, and cross the “New Road” (which is an OLD road now) to get the creek to fish or swim, and regularly get my butt whipped for going there. (We weren’t supposed to, but it never stopped us from going.)

Today, a Walmart stands near by, schools are bigger (and no longer a two-story brick building that I went to in 2nd and 3rd grade), town is a bit bigger, and there are housing developments around.  A lot of the old houses that were there when I was a child are gone.  The “woods” is much smaller than it used to be now, and of course, the hills are mountains to me any more after living for 25 years in Colorado – where mountains are massive, but still not as large as the Himalayas are (where I’ve visited and climbed).

In fact, the whole world has become smaller, more compact and familiar whereas Kentucky has become a less-than-familiar place for me.  But it was wonderful seeing relatives I’ve not seen in years.  I even managed to see my Uncle Rudy and Aunt Jenny (Rudy is my father’s older brother, and is at least 83 years old now).  He reminds me of my Dad in many ways.  Dad is gone now, for a few years, as is mom, so it was nice to reconnect to the rest of the family.

After the Reunion, we made our way to Colorado, stopping one night in Missouri at a dumpy hotel off the beaten path.  Then, next day into Fountain, Colorado and my son’s place.  We’ve managed to see all our children but one who is in Denver, most of the grandkids and visit with old neighbors.  The day after we arrived we went in for JoAnne’s blood work to be accomplished, and of course had issues with the doctor’s office.

They (CSHP) have decided that if you don’t see a doctor there in one year, you’re no longer a patient.  I guess that poses a problem for everyone who is healthy and sees a physician once a year for a checkup and physical.  After a bit of argument, and a request to talk to our regular doctor, they conceded the issue was theirs and wrote the paperwork out for the blood work (which had already, previously been arranged, but they didn’t appear to want to do it).  Dr. R. did the orders, and blood was drawn.  Then we had to wait a week for the oncologist to get it.

Yesterday the week was up, we appeared at the appointed time to see her Oncologist.  We saw the PA, and not the surgeon, but that was fine.

JoAnne’s numbers for her blood work were fine.  Maybe 2 points higher than last time.  Nothing significant.  No physical issues.  JoAnne got a clean bill of health from the doctor’s office, and we set up an appointment for next year.  Another milestone is past us!!

We head back shortly for our ship, after laundry, some more visiting and some celebration.

October-November time frame is our planned Bahamas departure time.  We hope to go there for 4-6 months, and then back to our slip in Cape Fear.  Lots of planning and lots of work to do before then!

Adventure awaits!

2 thoughts on “Medical Check Up time

  1. Hey, there, Ricky! Read your latest Winds of Time entry and see that you and J are back in Colo for routine checkups. Hope all goes well for you and the Missus! We’re currently in Calif. for my grand-daughter’s HS graduation. We had planned to stay just after the 4th of July, but changed our plans when the wife decided we would be more ‘in the way’ than helpful at my daugher Jessica’s house, and now plan to return on the 23rd. She’s getting her tonsils and adenoids removed today, in fact, she just departed for the surgeon’s office and will be there for about 5 hours until recovery. So, the wife decided that after this is all over, we’ll ‘be in the way’ more than helpful in watching the kids while she heals up.

    This year, the PPRAA Megafest is on the 8th of July and I plan to sell some stuff that I inhereted from a friend of mine who passed in Nov. He was also my son-in-law’s uncle, and they had no clue as to what to do with this equipment, so I told them I’d sell the stuff and put the proceeds in my kids’ saving’s accounts. There are some pretty neat items in this pile of stuff. I have an Icom 7200 that is in pristine condition with a desk mike, a complete 220 Mhz station, Alinco 220 mhz xcvr with a Hustler G6-220 vertical all still in the box, only opened by me to check for completeness. I have already purchased a table & two tickets and the guy who plans to accompany me still says he’s 100% on going along. We’ll see. If he drops out for some reason, I’ll need someone to help with unloading all this stuff, so if you’re around and he drops out, I’ll let you know.

    Will you still be around then? I’m running this BPQ node on 145.05 mhz and you can access it directly pretty much from anywhere in the Springs.

    Leave me a message here and perhaps we can get together for a cup of joe and talk about old times…

    73 – Rick H.

    On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 10:06 AM, Winds of Time wrote:

    > RickD posted: “A few days ago JoAnne and I left behind our boat, and > headed for Colorado, on our way for blood work and Oncology checkups. > Across the country, we stopped in Kentucky to visit some of my relatives on > my Mom’s side of the Family. The Martins. We ran i” >

  2. Hey Rick and JoAnne – it was a pleasure meeting you both at Check 6. Thanks for sharing your story with us and schooling us on some basic sailing info. Your story and life choices are inspiring. Safe travels and may your zest for life never fade. – Angela

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