Long time, No Sail

When last you saw us here, we were in the South Harbour Village Marina near Oak Island. A hurricane kicked the marina’s butt, displaced us from our home and I had to have the boat moved to a distant marina, while JoAnne was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer in late August of 2020.

Since that time we stayed with a friend on the island (Pam) who was renting a place there at the time, later we went to Colorado for a few weeks, then returned, and we eventually rented a place ourselves. Right after she finished Chemo for her third time through, in March of 2021, we had found a home on the island to buy – which I did.

In the mean time, I decided to move Adventure to Georgetown, SC, thinking we could get even closer to the Bahamas when we sail again. Unfortunately, things haven’t worked out.

I sailed down with the help of Jay Beard, also a sailor (s/v Knot Working) on an overnight journey, which actually went very well. We sailed all the way down, and wound up in the marina, but the fuel is fouled, and I haven’t had time to clean it.

As of a couple of weeks ago, I put Adventure up for sale. Why?

Because JoAnne had a 4th time through cancer…. which lead to some dangerous blood pressure levels.

On the 17th of November, JoAnne suffered a seizure, and a stroke. She has been hospitalized since then. She has a tracheostomy, and is having some cognitive issues (but many seem to be clearing up now), and can’t walk yet, or do certain things. There is no way she will ever sail Adventure again.

Thus I decided to sell her. Today a deal was struck. The new owner is going to be transferring money to me today and in a few days we will meet at Adventure, so I can finish the deal and hand him his papers, a few items that go with the boat and remove a few things that belong to JoAnne and I that we have yet to retrieve.

For now, I will leave the ad up for Adventure on Facebook, and we will close it out when the deal is completed.

In the mean time, this blog will remain online as long as I live for others to reference and read.

Today is a sad day for me, for we never completed the quest to get to the Islands in the Caribbean, but my promise to JoAnne to “Give her Islands” has been kept. Our new home is called “Adventurer’s Landing” and is located ON an ISLAND. Oak Island, NC.

I’m proud to have been able to sail such a beautiful, well-found vessel with my wife, partner and first mate, JoAnne Renee Donaldson.

I dedicate this blog to her, with all my love, heart and soul.

I love you JoAnne. Get well soon.

Thus ends our sailing journey. For now. Perhaps one day will will once again find ourselves out there, but it won’t be on Adventure.


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