More on the Fire

The fire is 45% contained and has burned a lot of trees. The fire has burned 17,659 acres and killed two people.

The two were apparently an elderly couple from what I can gather from the small bits of data I can find.  She was confined to the home I believe.

We are sorry for the folks who lost their lives.  It was unnecessary.

The FBI and DHS are investigating this fire and I can only suggest there is more here than meets the eye.  This blog isn’t for my political musings though so I will leave it at that for now.  I hope they find whomever is responsible though before the people of Colorado Springs find him.

Yesterday someone came to look over our current boat,  “Winds of Change” and it appears promising. I gave them a full tour and let them look her over, ask questions and with luck perhaps she is the right boat for them.  Their current sail boat is a 19′ boat and too small, and they are looking for something bigger but not too big. 

If we sell the boat, we can work on getting our travel trailer for the next part of this journey.

JoAnne came up with the brilliant idea of saving money at hotels by purchasing a small camper/travel trailer to go across country when the time comes.  This will kill two birds with one stone, allows us to save cash by staying in our trailer instead of hotels and we can move temporarily into the trailer  while we strip the inside of the house of everything, remove the old carpet and replace and paint, do the minor repairs and so on.  That will allow us to be able to show the house as well without actually living inside haha.

The week of the 9th of July I have contractors coming to start on the roof (hail damage a few weeks back) and gutters.  Sometime after we will have the house painters.  Getting that all accomplished soon.  With luck we can sell the boat and use that to fund our trailer.

As to the disposition of the trailer, once we arrive where we’re going to find our boat, find the right boat and make that purchase, the trailer gets sold.  The truck will be sold once we have outfitted the boat to the point we can make our way to the Caribbean.

The plan is working.  Four years into the Five Year Plan and everything has worked correctly to this point.

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