S/V Winds of Change

We’ve had several calls about our small sailboat.  She is called “Winds of Change” from a line in a Jimmy Buffett song (just as this blog is titled from the same song).

So far no one has offered to buy her.

She was the perfect training boat for us.  Not too big, trailerable, with an actual keel (swing keep) as opposed to say, a Macgregor with a water ballast.

So far everyone who has visited has have nothing but nice things to say about the boat.  Hopefully someone will buy her soon so we can go forward with the next plans! 🙂

When the fires hit Colorado Springs, ash and soot fell all over the city.  People with any sort of respiratory problems were suffering.    Smoke covered the city on several days and there were 2 lives and 346 homes lost.  Thousands of animals fled the mountains, including bears and deer moving into the city to escape.

Thousands of people were evacuated.

The FBI and Homeland security, along with the local police and county authorities are investigating this fire but are being very closed-mouthed about it so far.  We have suspicions this might have been something even worse than simple arson but for now I’ll keep that to myself as well.  I hope they catch the person that did this.  I find it strange and scary though that there wasn’t just ONE fire, but three near major urban areas of the state, not to mention the other smaller fires that were apparently set in various places of the state.

This weekend I’ll be trying to finish cleaning out the over-stuffed garage (It’s about 1/2 done).  Next week – it’s the basement.  It’s time to start looking at a truck to start filling to take junk to the dump and stuff to donate elsewhere though.

That’s it for now.

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