The Five Year Plan

It’s already February 2013.  This is Year Five of the “Five Year Plan”.  We had one goal this year, to sell the house.

We’ve spent the last few weeks emptying it, selling things, throwing things out.  I’m trying to clean stuff, but have a cold today.  We’ve had two realtors in to look things over.  Not sure about that yet.

We have been talking to contractors – we need one bathroom rebuilt from scratch, another refurbished, and the kitchen floor tiles redone, painting, doors, trim, etc.

As soon as that crap.. I mean as soon as we accomplish that, we can put the house on the market haha.

Once we sell… we are gone.

Jeep sold.  If anyone knows someone that wants a smaller sailboat, she’s for sale too.  We need to get rid of that boat soon.  I don’t want to have to GIVE it away – and I won’t drop the price much under what it is, I’ll donate it before I will do that.

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