Doors, levels and wedges, oh my!

I have managed to hang one door in the house.  The carpenter that was working on the basement showed me how (I’ve hung doors before, but they were heavy wooden doors and not these lighter hollow core doors, so I figured it would be immensely easier).  Watching the carpenter I saw just how simple it was.

Then I tried it on my own a few days later.

Apparently I missed a step or something.  What took him less than three minutes took me four hours and eighteen minutes, five splinters, two smashed thumbs and I went through something like 15 shims (little wedges you use to level the door vertically and horizontally) – the carpenter used probably 8 or 9 at most.  The door is hanging straight… but the nearly 1″ thick hardwood flooring that was installed made it difficult to get the door swinging correctly with the carpet.

I had to remove the bottom 1/4″ of the door.

I’ll have to go find a wood plane in my tools to make THAT part right again.

On the bright side I only have about four more of those doors to hang.  The next couple shouldn’t be as difficult and the last one ought to be perfect.

Then there’s the twelve closet doors in the house (double doors in five bed rooms, front room closet and the linen closet….) – I hope they are simpler… ack.

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