More doors….

I installed all the upstairs doors today (except the linen closet) – so five more doors.  Two bathroom, two bedroom and the front room closet.

The last bedroom door took me all of about 10 minutes.  I guess I got better at putting them in.

Now I have to paint all the trim – not today, ack, I’m sore.  Tomorrow probably and install that around the doors.  I’ll stop and get my trim nails and most of the baseboard material tomorrow on the way home from work and then start painting as much as I can.

Should take me about 30-60 minutes per door frame – so about 9 doors right now.  I haven’t started the other closets yet so – a few more after that.  Should take me about 3-5 more days to get all the doors accomplished.  I have to cut some dry wall and patch the linen closet (they had a regular door on it and we’re replacing all the closet doors with the same type, bi-fold 6 panel doors).

Also installed all the new hardware on the doors, door knobs etc.

Installed some light fixtures today as well.

The trash company is sorely upset with us…. we have been putting out significantly more trash than normal and they called to complain. 🙂  I told them last week was the “last week”.  I think I lied to them.  I’ll give them a break and then fill up as much as I can again.  I’m going to have to load the carpet in the truck though and take it to the dump.  I don’t want to mess with that crap again.

If I EVER have another house (unlikely at this point) I will NEVER put carpet in it.  Carpet is nasty, gross and collects every piece of dander, dirt, dust, cat and dog hair and who knows what kind of living critters are down in there.  Yuk!

Left to do…

Door trim.  Floor trim.  Paint touchup in some of the rooms, patching in a basement bedroom, some more light fixtures, install sink, vanity and toilet in the downstairs bathroom, install all the rest of the closet doors, repair the upstairs bathroom, repair the master bedroom window drywall, replace all the plugs, switches and covers and clean the yards up.

End of April, or first week of May I ought to be mostly completely.

Last thing is get rid of all the junk we collected into one place in the basement.  Garage sale I guess.

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