April Blizzard – Colorado, 2013

Ok, it was kind of a fizzle.  I got to work at 0610 this morning and unsecured my area, walked across to Security to get some water for my coffee pot and they told me “They just closed the base”.  I hung around another couple hours waiting for the snow and watching the radar.  When it appeared it was a few miles south of me headed north I decided to leave (before the bus service quit, I was having trouble walking in the 50 knot winds).

So home I came.  It ended up blowing HARD.  60 knot gusts here.  Geez.  But the snow that was promised never really amounted to more than a light dusting and it couldn’t stay on the ground because the wind would whip it back in the air for its further trip where ever snow ends up when blown by 60 knot winds….

I didn’t waste a snow day though.  I cut and fitted a whole bunch of doors’ casements – the trim that goes around the inside and outside.  I finished the three upstairs bedrooms and the bath room door.  I haven’t finished the inner bathroom door because I need to do some other work on the wall in there before I can put up the trim.  I did get two frames mostly painted.  Need to remove the doors to finish the frame and paint the doors.  I’ll do that another day.

It’s been a long day (driving 20 miles to work in 50-60 knot winds and then back home again, then to the hardware store and back and working on those doors).  I’m getting closer to being done with them though.  Woot!

A couple hours per night ought to get me finished this week with the trim work, then I can start on the baseboards. /sigh

The contractors haven’t contacted me in almost two weeks, and they haven’t finished the job.  The basement shower isn’t completed yet, I’ve done more work than they have pulling the carpets, installing doors, painting every room in the house (with the help of JoAnne, Kristy and Carlos).  They have the closet finished at least, but haven’t move the light fixture yet.

I still owe them a pretty huge chunk of money… so I figure they will call me someday, lol.

Hopefully it will be by this weekend.  I’d REALLY like to have that bathroom finished so I can do the work I need to do upstairs.  (Got to have a functional bathroom, I’m not going to start using a bucket in the house, that’s for boats).

I suppose I should call them, but if they are not going to finish the work, I’m not finishing paying them.  Oh well…..

Every joint in my body is aching from lifting, stretching, climbing up and down, hammering, sawing (all by hand by the way), ripping out the carpets and so on.  Oh yeah, so do most of my muscles ache.  And I’m in pretty decent shape for an old guy.

The worst thing though about all this work is my hands.  They are so bloody dry I can sand wooden boards with them… lol

They are getting cracked and sore too.  I feel like I’ve been running a marathon without actually running haha.  In effect we have been, both JoAnne and I.  We haven’t stopped except for one evening off in about two solid months.  We come home from work and kick into high gear on some project.  Then I get up at 0500 and go to work, come home about 1500 and keep going usually until she gets home around 1830.  She went into work today (they didn’t close the Air Force Academy, but did close Schriever) and should be getting off work in about 15 minutes.

I haven’t even thought about dinner.  I stopped working about 15 or 20 minutes ago.

Think it’s time for some hot tea… or some rum. heh

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