Another Delay

Hi all;

Wanted to let you know what’s happening with me.  I’ve only posted normal stuff here for the past few days, but I’m sitting in the hospital.  On Wednesday on the way home from work I suffered a minor heart attack, but didnt realize thats exactly what it was.

It was minor enough they can descerne no damage in the tests I’ve had.  However, in 2012 I was diagnosed with aortic valve stenosis, narrowing of the valve between heart and aorta.  It wasnt too urgent at the time.

Today, it’s pretty urgent.

After a bunch of ultrasounds, an angiogram, blood tests and examinations it looks like I will be undergoing open heart surgery next week, probably Monday and probably not later than Wednesday.   JoAnne and I still have to discuss this, and we’re supposed to meet with one of the surgeons on the team tomorrow morning.

I wasnt going to post anything at all, but folks at work are asking about me and my coworkers were keeping it quiet so for everyone’s sake and sanity, and because I dont really have a problem with people knowing, I’m telling it here.

On the history, I was born witha bicuspid valve.  Normal people have three leaves in the aortic valve.  But people with two invariably end up in this condition.  As you age, your valves become calcified.  A person withmy condition ends up with problems intheir late 50s to early 60s.  Normal people see this kind of progrssive calcification at 70-80.  Statistically speaking, going two years without fixing the problem once you see symptoms will kill you in two or less years.

The next decision is to go with an animal valve or mechanical.  Mechanical means anti-coagulant drugs for the rest of my life.  A pig or cow valve means 10-15 years before it fails and I have to start over.  Given that we want to live on a boat, travel and enjoy what is left of our lives together, taking drugs that can make you bleed out from small injuries is simply outof the questio .

My company,  Coact, Inc, was kind enough to withdraw my resignation and retirement letter on Wednesday and for that, I am thankful.  It lets me keep my current insurance without interruption.   JoAnne’s job has also been very helpful in that respect as well.

So, we will be staying in Colorado a little bit longer.

Take care all.


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