Update: Heart attack

I posted last I’d had a heart attack.  Since my last post a few weeks ago, I’ve undergone open heart surgery, with an aortic valve replacement and a single arterial bypass.  I’m now the proud owner of a new tissue valve, and an old vein from my leg used to do the artery bypass.

I’m going to cardio rehab on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at this point.  It will be three weeks from surgery on this coming Monday.  I’m walking about 4 miles a day, and my goal is 5.  Yesterday I got in 4.5 miles.  I’d really like to shoot for 8 weeks to be ready to head for the sailboat.  I wont be 100% but I should be building up my strength rapidly after my bone has knitted well.  Trying not to over do it, so no walk today, and because I have rehab this evening I’ll get my exercise then.  Just won’t get my 10k steps in.

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