Never Give Up

Never, ever give up on your dreams.  No matter what happens.  No matter how many people tell you “Can’t do that”.  Naysayers do no service to themselves and others.  In fact, Naysayers are the direct cause of many failures in business and in life.

I say this all with the full understanding that many people believe me to be a severe pessimist in life, and to an exte t that is trueand accurate, but my pessimmism has always had a purpose.  Safey, avoiding greater dangers, avoiding a waste of time at work and ultimately protectingmyself and those whom I love.

But when you have dreams, whether they are to sail around the world  or to just go fishing on the weekend, never give up on those dreams for if you do, you re doomed to never complete your dreams.

In May I had a heart attack.

The year before, my darling wife  JoAnne was diagnosed with cancer and under went surgery, then chemo.

Weve never once given up on our dream of moving to our sailboat.

On Tuesday the doctors released me to go back to work on Monday.  They also told me that u less I had any issues, they don’t need me in again for a year.

JoAnne goes infor onemore checkup on the 2nd, and she’s having her port removed as well.  I’m considering departure in about three weeks  assuming my work accepts my resignation.  I can’t imagine them saying no at this point.

Wih all we’ve been through, it’s really time to go….

The boat should have been painted by now, with new bottom paint, boot stripe and zincs…. that means we need to arrive, unload our stuff to the boat and set sail… we’ll travel the ICW until we’re safe to head for the Caribbean after hurricane season.

Onward…. Adventure!



3 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. RIGHT ON Rick & JoAnne!!!! Love your perseverance in light of obstacles. My personal opinion (for whatever value it holds) is that all the hold-ups, speed bumps and bottle-necks just help you appreciate the smooth sailing at the end that much more! Do NOT let go of your dreams- you are SOO close! But don’t overdo it sir, please pace yourself- but by all means enjoy what you’ve both worked so hard to achieve!!

  2. Love you both so much. I will miss you so much but I’m also very happy for you to finally be living your dream. When you leave please be safe, and call your kids once in a while lol.

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