Finally time?

I returned to work nearly seven weeks after a heart attack, six weeks to the day from my surgery.  I’m still on light duty, no heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, etc.  As of last Tuesday I was released from most restrictions, except the weight.

The lady who saw me said I looked wonderful and she wouldn’t have known I had a heart attack by listening to my heart, and not seeing the scar on my chest.  Which, speaking of that scar it really doesn’t look like a “zipper” because they put it all together from beneath.  In fact, the scar looks pretty decent, though it’s still a little off-putting if I have my shirt off, lol.

On Monday I told my co-workers and boss I wasn’t staying past the 10th of July.  I’ve come to the conclusion that at this time in my life (and in my wife’s life) we need to get going, we need to do this thing, we need to go sailing.  God willing, we will too.  Soon.

Right now the plan is simply to get going.  So we have a few people to see, a few things to close out, a few things to set up and a trip across country to plan.  We’ll be stopping to visit friends along the way and we plan on getting to Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Virginia and then to New York.  We have a long way to go…. and we’re doing it all with plenty of time still.

As most of you know (or might not know if you’re not sailors) hurricane season just started in June and runs through November.  We are trying to get to New York where the boat is located, commission her, change the name sign, and prepare to move to the Chesapeake Bay area.

What we hope to accomplish is to do some minor repairs, check out all the systems that have not been checked, and run the boat a few times back and forth around the Chesapeake to do our “shake down”.  Hopefully it won’t break much.

I have not checked all the navigation, radar and radio systems.  Just didn’t have time during the survey (which we were more concerned about safety of the vessel, whether the hull was in good shape, etc).  So those things I’ll be checking as we go.

We will probably spend most of August around that area, and then plan our trip south for September… of course this all depends on what JoAnne’s thoughts are, how much work the boat requires, whether we’ll have to have our sails worked on, and all the other little glitchy things that happen.

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