I’m hesitant to state dates and times and things like that, but my last day at work is this Friday the 10th.  JoAnne should be resigning effective that date as well.

During the next few days after we are through with work, we’ve got a few things left to accomplish like getting new tires, I’m having a problem with the truck that need’s fixing, and we’ve got to set up our medical insurance as well.

The trailer has been packed, unpacked, repacked, unpacked and repacked again.  Several times.  We keep eliminating things hoping to cut down what we’re taking.

We’re down to a few tubs of items for the galley, some navigation tools (like rulers, compasses, pens, pencils, some starting charts and cruising guides), some books and some random things we think we will need, but aren’t sure.  I’m positive once we arrive at the boat more stuff will wind up being tossed out or given away, but until we arrive, I just can’t be sure.

My tools have been gone through and I’ve tried to eliminate some, things I’m sure I won’t use.  But, I still wound up with a lot of tools.  Again, I’m sure I will get rid of more.

Sometime after the weekend, we’ll be departing.  I’ll try to document some of the trip, without every, single boring detail like where we stop for gas or to go to the bathroom, lol.

If we take cool pictures, which I am sure we will, I’ll post them here (or links to them).  I’m in the process of setting up an image hosting location so it might be a few days before that’s working.

That’s it for now.


Fair Winds!

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