Mast Work

Today they pulled the mast off our Adventure.

It took a couple hours to do all the work, to de-rig it, remove the boom and a few other things.
The mast is currently sitting on the hard and I went over it to check for problems.  Didn’t find any.  Tomorrow though, the surveyor is coming back to pull the boat out of the water to look for problems under the water line after the collision by the power boat the other day.

The wind gear was hosed badly.  Even though all the wires were cut at the bottom by a previous mast removal, we pulled in new wires today and new wing gear has been set up and will be put back in after the mast goes back up.

We are renting a car tomorrow and we’ll hit West Marine for a mast head light, spreader lights and a steaming light for the mast.  The guy doing the wiring has given me a list of things to get for him (it’s cheaper if I do it) and I want it all done by Monday.

I’m not sure that will be the case either.  I’ve authorized the work to start on the bow of the boat and since the mast is down it should be easier.  Hopefully Mr. Bailey will get on it right off.

The boat sure looks funny without her front mast.

Did a video and it can be found on FB.  So if you’re friends with me you can see it, if not, friend me.

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