Insurance, anyone?

We have liability insurance at the moment and want to increase it to a full coverage policy.  In fact, I’m talking to my own company about that.

Yesterday though, I had a long conversation with Reeree from the company whose client hit our boat the other day.

After a 30-40 minute conversation, I’m being assured they will pay for all the damages (I don’t believe them, because frankly I don’t believe insurance companies) and they will be paying for most of our stay here due to the delays in getting the work done.

But, I’m hopeful.

Howdy Bailey ran into me yesterday at the marine store and told me Monday they should have the steel back together.  I spoke to Linda yesterday as well and she should have the platform repaired by then.  Bob and I finished rewiring the mast, and the surveyor (Rick M.) is coming back today with a second set of eyes and an expert in rigging to look over the forestay that appears twisted.  They are trying to determine if the insurance should pay for that as well.

The marina folks have been helpful, except they told me “We will present you with the bill and you will have to deal with the insurance company” and the insurance company is telling me they will pay them…. /sigh

I’m strongly considering having a lawyer have a chat with everyone involved to arbitrate this so I don’t have to be the middle guy.  Since when do victims have to do all the dirty work?  I spoke to my son last night, who happens to work at a law firm to get his take on things…. I won’t go into details of what he said, but he certainly seemed to think there was a good cause to have a lawyer involved.

For now, I’ll let the people do what they are paid to do and see how this goes.

We’re starting to feel the need to get south.  If this goes beyond the 10th of the month, I’ll be reconsidering getting a delivery skipper and that bill might just go to the insurance company as well.

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